She has a wealth of knowledge and a big heart

Before working with Tara I struggled with prioritizing my business.  I struggled with how to describe what I do and who were my clients apart from everyone.   I was not clear on my offer so I did not promote myself.

In working with her I discovered my niche.   I gained confidence in what I had to offer and what I offered was like no one else. I saw value in my offer and the need for it in society.   As I talked to people about my niche, my passion grew and their curiosity increased.  

The biggest value from our work together was  prioritizing myself.  Putting myself first and telling others ‘No’ in order to do my plan.  Doing and Being what is important to me not what I ‘ought to’ or ‘should do’. 

I had not doubt that Tara had my back and was on my side.  She also has a wealth of knowledge and a big heart.

Lisa Roy

Tara is a fantastic mentor coach who has guided me through many challenging client situations

Tara is a fantastic mentor coach who has guided me through many challenging client situations.  As a result, I feel more confident and well equipped to handle whatever comes up.  I've used Tara's thorough process with thought provoking exercises to figure out who my ideal clients are and learn how to attract them in an authentic way.  I also really appreciate her support in helping me re-brand my business including her connections to other professionals like web designers, logo designers and copy writers.  I am so grateful for our work together.  I've realized all the benefits I hoped to and more when I began this journey over a year ago.

Carol Pfeiffer
People Connect HR

I LOVED the presentation last night!

I LOVED the presentation last night, you made Sheri and I PROUD as education directors of the ICF Oregon Chapter.

You inspired us, and I LOVED the beautiful CTI training coming through.

You are a wonderful presenter.


Kathleen Spike,MCC, CPPC, pNLP, cht
ICF Oregon, Educational Director

One of the best presentations we've had at ICF Oregon!

Jennifer Powers, MA, MCC
Coach Mentor Trainer

Tara's philosophy was contagious! An inspiration to us all!

On February 14, 2017 the Vancouver Charter Chapter ICF members were treated to Tara’s professionalism as she presented “Getting to a Powerful ‘Yes’ -- how to enroll clients to fill your practice with ease”.  During this one hour webinar, Tara eloquently conveyed how to expect clients to commit to action.  She began by emphasizing that it is to our advantage to forego ‘selling’ our programs and instead ‘enroll’ clients into them.  The secret is to seek a ‘commitment’.

Tara’s philosophy was contagious.  She believes in exceeding a client’s expectations from the get-go.  Regardless of the outcome, every interaction she has she is intent on making a difference.  An inspiration to us all.

Tara has a warm and easy going demure which instantly created a sense of trustworthiness and likability. Tara gave an informative, professional and credible presentation, in addition to many resources. The hour flew by!

On behalf of the ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter, thank you Tara!

Helene Iliffe MA, ACC, BCC
ICF Vancouver, Program Director

This, by far, is the most impactful learning I have had the opportunity to take part in and, I've heard a lot

“I just want to thank you so much for sharing your workbook, knowledge, experience, and expertise at your “Powerful ‘Yes’” Presentation. This, by far, is the most impactful learning I have had the opportunity to take part in and, I've heard a lot. Seriously, I learned more from your free presentation then I did after several sessions with other business professionals. It's so encouraging and inspiring to hear from a "fellow" coach who is truly genuine and understands what a coach needs in order to attract clients and build their business. I believe that your tailoring to how a coach can attract business is so powerful.”

Colleen Lewis
Finding Your Solution & Associates

Tara is an amazing coach! Her keen insights, support and “in the trenches” business experience is outstanding.

After interviewing four potential coaches, I chose Tara to be my business coach because of her experience, dedication to her clients and a no-nonsense approach to growing a new business. In working with her I discovered who my ideal client is and how to be more strategic in my outreach efforts to those clients. Tara helped me mastermind a project where I interviewed a group of Executive Directors and CEO’s of non-profit organizations to help me better understand their challenges and opportunities as leaders in their industry. This process helped me to customize my services to these leaders that are specifically related to their individual needs and become a lot more attractive to my ideal client. Tara is an amazing coach! Her keen insights, support and “in the trenches” business experience is outstanding. Tara is a consummate professional and has been instrumental in helping me build a successful, fun and meaningful coaching and consulting business. Thanks, Tara!

Chris Ranney
Ranney Coaching

The program exceeded my expectations in almost every way

Tara Butler Floch’s virtual education program, Savvy Strategic Alliances received rave reviews from ICF Ohio Valley Chapter members and guests.  The program exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Tara is a consummate professional at delivering programs—her pacing, presence and visuals were outstanding. But, most importantly she packed a significant amount of useful information into our 90 minutes together. She provided several frameworks that served as effective “containers" for the information serving to enhance the participant's comprehension. I must also comment on her generosity in sharing slides and offering sessions and materials to the participants. Bravo, Tara!

Michelle Naiser, ACC
VP of Programming, Ohio Valley ICF Chapter

Tara is a graceful and perceptive guide and mentor who will partner with you where you are

When registering for Tara's Client Enrollment Training my intention was to learn a skill for the future. After closing a thriving healing practice to free myself from the effects of a chronic virus, it seemed essential to build a solid foundation with systems in place before venturing into business again. I wanted full confidence that as the pace of business quickened, my body would continue generating greater expressions of health.

During the call she highlighted the importance of honing the enrollment conversation, inviting those who wanted practice to send her a note with our email addresses. She followed up with a group email, a template, and words of encouragement.

While practicing the enrollment conversation, I realized how completely ready I am, and the vision began taking form. The long resisted niche' was clear. The enrollment conversation became my own, and a new coaching program with support materials is writing itself.

Tara is a graceful and perceptive guide and mentor who will partner with you where you are. Her broad awareness of how to navigate the territory with laser like precision saves time, money, and the frustration that comes with not knowing how to take the right steps in the right order. Coupled with that, the comprehensive resources and materials she creates provide an easy-to-follow blueprint for success. I highly recommend Tara!

Candice Sinai
Body Wisdom

Now I have clear direction and feel energized!

Before working with Tara I felt really stuck in developing my coaching business.   My marketing was not focused and I was spinning unproductively.

In working with her I discovered huge clarity about who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve them.  I reconnected with the type of work I truly want to do.

Now I have clear direction and feel energized to grow my business and know I can provide great value to my clients.

Tara has helped me nail my niche in such a beautiful, powerful way.

Before I started working with Tara, I spent two years working with some very big name coaches doing their group programs.  I had great experiences and learned a lot from them...but something was missing.  I could not seem to nail my niche and my ideal client.  I knew it was holding me back.  I hired another business coach and was really hoping that some one on one would do it, but unfortunately he was not the coach for me. Although I was feeling super motivated, he was not able to help me get clear with my niche like I needed we did not get very far.

I knew i needed a coach and I put it out to the Universe as such.  I don't know how I found Tara - I joke that God found her for me!  We had our Discovery session and I knew (but went on to do 5 more exploratory meetings with other coaches JUST to make sure!).

This past year with Tara a lot of things shifted in my personal life and I was not able to rocket ship off the way I had been hoping to and was prepared to do in the year or so earlier, but Tara was amazing through it all.  She met me where I was.  I never felt judged.  Only 100% love and support as she listened and gently guided me forward.  And in the process Tara has helped me nail my niche in such a beautiful, powerful way.  I am coming back to where I was and am in the process of creating my website, logo, and free gift.  She also helped me change my signature talk (which I thought I had honed with my other coaches!) to feel so much more authentically me and I have gotten such better results in getting people to raise their hands to work with me that are really a great fit.  I am SO excited because NOW I know my business is going to soar!

Jodee Chizever
Sexy, Soulful You

I couldn’t be happier with Tara and her work! In less than 7 months, I’ve seen a 30% increase in my practice growth

Before I started working with Tara, I struggled prioritizing where I should put my time and energy to grow my business and create a great client experience.  I also had no experience identifying which marketing activities would yield the best outcome. After 3 years in business, I had reached a plateau even though I had a solid academic and clinical background. I needed to grow my expertise around managing the business aspect of my practice. After working with Tara for less than 7 months, I’ve seen a 30% increase in my practice growth. I’m clear on my priorities and areas of focus, which has decreased my stress level significantly. I’ve tightened up my practice policies so that clients have access to me for support, but there are more limitations to my pro-bono time. I’ve identified where I would like to do pro-bono work, and now handle it more purposefully. My scheduling, accounting, and marketing are now streamlined. I have focused on marketing activities I am passionate about – such as speaking and group workshops – that are getting great results and are fulfilling to me.  I spend less time organizing, and have more time for professional education, projects, and free time.  My business is thriving and I have more work/life balance. I couldn’t be happier with Tara and her work, and expect to continue growing my business with her support.

Lana Gollyhorn
Lana Gollyhorn, LLC

I firmly believe that Tara is the missing link for coaches who passionately want a lucrative coaching business! She is a miracle worker!

Before working with Tara I had spent an exorbitant amount of money on another business coach and other business building programs with no tangible results. I still had no ideal clients, no marketing strategy, and no pipeline. In working with Tara I discovered precisely who my ideal clients are, what specific marketing strategies work in the coaching field, and how to implement those strategies. I felt lost for so long and considered pulling the plug on my dream of having my own coaching practice. I now have clients, momentum, faith, and certainty that I can do this.  I firmly believe she is the missing link for coaches who passionately want their own lucrative coaching business but are having a hard time building a client base. She’s a miracle worker!

Allison Ballou
Ballou Coaching

I can't thank you enough for sharing your magic through your Client Enrollment Training. It works!

Seriously, I can't thank you enough for sharing your magic through your Client Enrollment Training. It works!

I practiced it with a prospective client the next day and she signed on with a 10 on the commitment scale. We had an awesome breakthrough session and I felt so at ease using your model. It helped me maintain my focus on the client, stay authentic and reach a level of depth and connection with out the nervousness that usually comes for me when I'm trying to "sell" my coaching.

Cynthia Sumner
True Nature Coaching

Hiring Tara is, without a doubt, the best decision I've made since I opened my business

Hiring Tara Butler Floch as my business coach is, without a doubt, the best decision I have made since opening my Pilates/Yoga Studio. I worked with Tara for 10 months and came to rely on her advice as an invaluable part of my business. Her ability to think outside the box raised my level of thinking about issues every time we talked.

Tara helped me to discover new well thought out practices and adopt the best approaches for my business. The best testament to her great coaching was evident when issues came up that required her input. Her voice was inside my head engaging me with the questions to ask, how to approach the issue, and what outcome I desired. Her coaching style relies heavily on asking questions to help me work through the issue -- she listens exceptionally well, and encourages me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss. She then provides her perspective and has a keen ability to cut through the noise and to hone in on the real issues at hand.

I had no real knowledge of how business coaching worked but knew I needed someone to help guide and focus my business. I would recommend Tara to any business owner, if you wish to increase your business income in a timely fashion.
Although Tara has many clients, she always takes the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of what is happening in my life and business. She not only gave me specific strategies for changing old habits, but also constructively challenged my preconceptions. I am able to see the value and productiveness of new approaches to management, client relations and marketing. It also resulted in a 29% increase in business revenue! I have better work-life boundaries after working with her, and enjoy my work much more. She is terrific! I highly recommend her.

Marilyn D'Andrea
Sana Vita Studio

I now have a full practice of Ideal Clients!

Before working with Tara I really struggled with identifying my ideal client and focusing on a specific niche… In working with her, I discovered the niche I want to focus on and how best to bring products and services to that niche… After working with her my coaching practice has increased by 30% and most importantly it has filled with “Ideal clients”. I am also more focused on what I offer and I am continuing to be creative with marketable coaching programs. I didn’t have that before.


Tara is an excellent mentor and coach and her advise has helped me have a full coaching practice and continue to increase my rates through better client services and focused offerings.

Ursula Pottinga
Profound Growth

I've interviewed over 800 guests, and Tara Butler Floch really stands out for me

As a podcast host, I've interviewed over 800 guests, and Tara Butler-Floch really stands out for me. What I love about Tara is her natural conversational style and her warmth and wisdom. I find Tara's focus on relationship and conversation a breath of fresh air, and my listeners greatly enjoyed her episode. I would highly recommend Tara as a podcast guest."

All of a sudden it feels like I am magically attracting my ideal clients

I can honestly say that I would still be lost if I had not begun working with Tara. She has been the perfect mix of coach and consultant to extract what I wanted and provide me proven techniques to move toward my niche. I had been resistant to narrowing for many reasons – afraid of turning away business, I am drawn to many different things, I didn’t know how to figure it out –  to name a few. The materials Tara has created to guide solopreneurs broke me past my own blocks, and her nurturing guidance has pushed me through my fears toward the practice I have now.

Every time I stall she helps me look at it in a kind way, then helps me find the right activities to take the next step. All of a sudden it feels like I am magically attracting my ideal clients.  I am indebted to Tara’s wisdom, her fierce belief in me (even when I didn’t believe in myself) and her nurturing approach to helping me on my journey."

Tracey Lovejoy
Lovejoy Consulting

I went from 2 clients to a full coaching practice in 10 months!

I started working with Tara, when I started my own coaching company after moving to Calgary where I knew no one. I had 2 clients back home, but had to start everything from scratch in Calgary.

10 months later, I have a business full of clients and I am preparing to take my company online and expand outside the city I live in. Tara has been the biggest support and mentor in guiding me through the processes of starting a company and finding clients.

I especially appreciate that she has been down this path herself and tried and tested all kinds of methods to find the ones that really work. Tara’s guidance and encouragement have gotten me through the days where I have doubts about my business and myself. I have a more balanced life thanks to the help from Tara in getting my priorities in order and structure around achieving my goals."

With just one strategic alliance, I have increased my business by 22% in one year!

I am also getting a steady stream of highly qualified clients from this partner.

I feel more satisfied and confident with my business, knowing that I am partnering with an ‘expert team’ to provide top level advice and ideas to my clients.

Tara’s guidance has been instrumental in creating these successful partnerships with the right people. She’s helped me be in action and improve, improve, improve!”

After working with Tara, my business has grown 150%!

Before working with Tara, I wasn’t collaborating with any Strategic Alliances, and I was sending referrals to other professionals, but getting no referrals in return.

After working with Tara, I implemented a Strategic Alliance Strategy last year and since then my business has grown 150%!

Through my partnerships, I’m able to have a greater impact on my clients, and they are blown away by the results they’re getting. I’ve also gained more credibility by teaming up with other professionals.

I have more of my ideal clients, and have a steady stream of prospects, all from the work I’ve done with Tara!”

Charlie Cooke
Cooke Capital

Since I started working with Tara, I have 7 new clients and now have a detailed plan to take to make my business grow.

Since I started working with Tara, I have 7 new clients and now have a detailed plan to take to make my business grow.   Working with Tara has made my business feel and be more real.  I have taken her specific feedback and advice on many aspects of my business, including my website content and style, my ezine approach, my business planning—all with tangible results.  But most of all, I love working with Tara because she believes in me and guides me with ease and grace through the sometimes tough waters of building your own business. And because of working with Tara, I believe in myself and in my ability to create a successful entrepreneurial business.  I am well on my way!

I got 8 new clients after just two sessions with Tara

Working with Tara has been transformational.  I feel completely supported and held by her.  She not only helps me with business strategy and tactics, but she also has helped me through my insecurity and overwhelm to feel confident and centered to effectively and efficiently touch more lives. After just two sessions, I got 8 new clients and I don’t believe I could have done it without her.   I feel Tara is going to guide me to the next level of my business safely and swiftly.

She is a wealth of information and her enthusiasm shines through her words!

"Tara Butler Floch is a natural speaker and gifted teacher.  Not only is she a wealth of information but her enthusiasm shines through her words!  She has been such a joy to meet as a person, and to work with as a colleague.  If you are looking for a speaker/coach/teacher that loves what she does, loves to share it, and does so eloquently and personably, Tara is your woman!  I am so grateful for all that she shared so generously and I know my community will be as well!"

Catherine Jimenez - Spencer
Building Trust Online Summit

Tara was my first choice for a keynote speaker

"Tara Butler Floch was my first choice of keynote speaker at our Entrepreneurial Leadership Retreat because of her incredible ability to break down complex concepts into bite size, digestible information without leaving behind the heart and mindset that it takes to grow a business.  Tara is articulate, full of love and has the natural gift of connecting an audience to each other, to her as a speaker, and to their true purpose in the world."

Sage Lavine
Sage Lavine, Inc

Tara will be the top of my list whenever I do a Telesummit

“Tara is an absolute joy to collaborate with – both in front of and behind the scenes.  She is an engaging, knowledgeable and passionate speaker who canvases both sides of the spectrum – she inspires audiences to see the big picture AND gives them real, juicy information that can help them make changes in their business right away.  She is a delightful person to interview and it always feels like we are just having a fireside chat. Behind the scenes, she is very organized and she/her team are easy to coordinate with.  They go above and beyond expectations when it comes to promotion and follow-through.  Tara will definitely be on the top of my list anytime I do a telesummit or speaker’s series”.

Tara is always hands down, one of my best speakers on my annual telesummit

Tara is always hands down, one of my best speakers on my annual telesummit. She provides incredible value and delivers just the right amount of content that is truly helpful without being overwhelming. Tara also stands out as someone who is really helpful when it comes to event promotion- she is genuinely interested in the success of the event and does what she can to make it really top notch, whether it's introducing me to other speakers, sharing on social media, or telling her colleagues. Tara is super reliable and a great pleasure to work with.

Tara is an amazing coach and wonderful support

"Tara is an amazing coach and a wonderful support in my life.  Her blend of intuition, practical knowledge, compassion, and creative thinking is a potent and inspiring combination.  I am so glad to have an experienced coach, mentor, and guide who is walking alongside me (cheering me on and keeping me grounded and focused) as I build my dream business!"

I am feeling more empowered and inspired than ever in my life.

"Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you so much Tara!!! You've made my day and weekend. I've been listening to The Courageous Entrepreneurial Leap Speakers' Series almost daily and feeling more empowered and inspired than ever in my life". 

Angela Powers
Curriculum Development Consultant

Tara helped me to continue to move forward.. even in the most challenging times.

Diane Doolin

“Over the past year, Tara has been my biggest advocate, both business and personal. She continually surprised me with her depth of knowledge and broad range of business expertise and her ability to convey this in a way that helped me continue to move forward...even in the most challenging times. Not only was I able to clearly "re-define" my ideal clientele and update our teams suite of marketing pieces...I was able to identify an opportunity to become the Founding Director of a new firm that will perfectly support our existing Wealth Management practice going forward.”

Concrete steps were created that helped me find my center

"As a new entrepreneur, I needed help trying to find my footing in the mass of confusion that the first year of a big new venture can bring. Tara and I got right to the heart of where I could make changes to move my business forward quickly. Concrete steps were created that helped me find my center again. Now, with those are in place, I now feel more clear and ready for the next move!" 

Your speaker panel is amazing and the content is just brilliant.

"I've been participating in your TeleSummit and I wanted to tell you it is F*@#ING AWESOME!!! So professional, put together well, your speaker panel is amazing and the content is just brilliant. It's really impressive".

Christin Myrick
Professional Coach