Are you a Coach or “Coach-sultant” who wants to make a difference and earn a great living simultaneously?

Are you ready to expand your business in a powerful, joyful way and take it to the next level?

Do you want to move from a generalist to a sought after expert in your field?

Is it time to leverage your expertise and hard work to elevate your business by working smarter, not harder?

Do you want to powerfully attract clients in a way that feels authentic, easeful and resonant?

I will show you how to courageously up-level your business and help you build a sustainable and prosperous full practice you love being in

– Allison Ballou

"I firmly believe that Tara is the missing link for coaches who passionately

want a lucrative coaching business! She is a miracle worker!"

– Ursula Pottinga

"After working with Tara my coaching practice has increased by 30% , I continue

to raise my rates, and I now have a full practice of Ideal Clients."

– Tracey Lovejoy

"All of the sudden I feel like I’m magically attracting my Ideal Clients."

– Marilyn D’Andrea

"Hiring Tara is, without a doubt, the best decision I've made since I opened my business."

– Ave Peetri

"Tara has been the biggest support and mentor in guiding me through the processes of starting a company & finding clients.

I went from 2 clients to a full coaching practice in 10 months."

– Jen DeVilliers

"Working with Tara has been transformational. I got 8 new clients after just two sessions."

I trust if you found yourself here, it is because you have an incredible gift to share with the world that is wanting to get out there in a much bigger way.

Now it is time to break out and break through the box you’ve been in and make a courageous leap into the business you have dreamed about.  It’s time to share your gift with more people so you can be the difference you know you can be.  And it’s time to do it in a way that is sustainable and joyful so you can truly love the life you have and support the lifestyle you want.

You know that you are on the right path, but you don’t have the tools to navigate this journey alone.  You know with the right support and guidance, you will have the success you have only dreamed about.  You are truly READY to make the leap.

I am Tara Butler Floch and I am here to help YOU create a sustainable, joyful coaching practice using my simple yet in-depth 7 layer process:


Ideal Client Clarification

Business Model & Client Experience

Client Enrollment


Business Development

Business Development

Strategic Partnerships

– Your Compelling Vision, Values, Mindset & Strategic Goals

– Specify your Niche, Ideal Client & “Sweet Spot”

– Your Process, Core Pillars, Services & Offerings

– Up level your Enrollment and Sales Capability

– Your Unique Value Proposition, Messaging, and Brand Clarity

– Biz Dev, Marketing & Engagement Strategies

– Creating Prosperous & Joyous Business Relationships

Our Seven Layer Process for Building Your Thriving Practice

Tara Butler FlochI’ve helped hundreds of coaches and coach-sultants build thriving practices since I started my business in 2000, when I left my “successful” job as a corporate executive to follow my heart and longing to make a bigger difference in the world.  Although I always had a coach, I didn’t hire my first business coach until I was 10 years into owning and running my business.  Although I was a successful entrepreneur before, hiring my first business coach catapulted me to the next level.  I made more money, had more time off, and started to attract the right clients to my business.  All in all, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of research and execution to build my own successful businesses, as well as working with some other very successful coaches, coaching their clients to 6 & 7 figure success. I’ve created my programs using all this experience and knowledge, including what really works for coaches vs. other types of entrepreneurs.  We are a special breed and a cookie cutter approach simply goes against what we stand for as coaches.  My job is to support my clients in finding the resonant strategies for each of them to build a business they love being in.

If you are curious to learn more about how this process could work for you, I encourage you to sign up for a Complimentary Business Breakthrough Session.  In that session, we will look at where you are, where you want to be, and look at some strategies you could implement to bridge that gap. You will walk away with value no matter what, and if it makes sense to talk further about working together to implement those strategies, we can do that, as well!  Click here to sign up for your Complimentary Business Breakthrough Session.

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

With Appreciation,


Tara Butler Floch

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