7 Tips to Truly Engaging Your List — 8 Comments

  1. This is helpful.. i re-launched my e-zine and and my click and open rates waiver between 50-60 %… I love newsletters… I will ask for more feedback , so i can keep my open rate up.. thanks for this artice!

    • Misia – that is fantastic! Bravo!! We’d love to hear your secrets to what seems to work since you seem to have this “down” already! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thank You for your wise words. I just attended a marketing workshop in LA. I am so glad that I have access to your view. Working with what feels ‘light and right’ is just what I needed to hear for guidance. With all the info I’ve just gotten in my head, advertising is confusing for me. You’ve just grounded me.

    Blessings, Maria

    • Maria – thanks so much for reaching out and so glad you resonated with my “Tara-ism” of “light and right”. It just seems to capture the energy of when we say powerfully “yes” to something, doesn’t it! It is so important to listen to your inner wisdom and develop a marketing strategy that really aligns with who you are. That is what will resonate most with your Divine Ideal Clients, too! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you and to be able to witness you as you move forward in Sage’s program and be able to see you when I present at her events to y’all!!

  3. Tara,
    I am in the beginning phases of my business and my learning curves are steep! Your article pointed me in the direction of realizing I have more to learn about what to do after I have a list, Checking the open rates etc.), but what I really took away was your respect and concern for your clients and contacts! I could really hear that you keep what is best for them upper most in your approach to getting information to them. Your point of giving them value along with the promotion of an upcoming program or event, by you or a partner, resonated with me. Thanks.

    • Hi Pamela

      I am so thrilled that this has been so helpful! It’s so great to be thinking about the relationship you want to create with your list right from the beginning. A lot of people lose some great potential followers who would buy from them in the future through a lack of clarity and consistency in their messages to their clients. I am glad my approach resonates with you! With appreciation, Tara

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