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  1. Excellent article, Tara!! (They are all good…I read them every time you put one out.) Thank you so much for this reminder. In developing my business this year, I’ve gone into ‘push’ mode so often (resulting in energy deflation!) and this reminder of focusing on amping up desire to get back into ‘pull’ energy is manna for my soul! So grateful!! xo

    • Thank-you for sharing, Jana. I am so glad to hear you read all my articles (that made my day) and that they are helpful reminders for you about how to “be” in your business. Since there are thousands of things we conceivable could do to bring our business forward, it is difficult sometimes to draw the line and to notice when the energy shifts from pull to push. I’m glad it was a great reminder for you! xo

  2. Such a timely article, as there is most certainly a lot of Push energy around this month (for me personally, and the messaging has been strong in the news with the government shutdown, etc.). It’s exactly what I needed today.

    • Ah, yes, we can look at the situation with our government right now and see the effects of push energy. And that type of energy can influence us so easily. Never more important to tune into your “big why” to stay good in your energetic field and not have the energy around you effect you as strongly. I’m so glad this was helpful, Julie! xoxo

  3. Dearest Tara

    It is always lovely connecting with you and this article on push/pull energy was so in line with what I was working on with a client last Friday. So timely, thank you!!

    I am also always amazed and humbled by how what is showing up for my clients is also on some level around for me. The pull to launch my business is gaining momentum each day – and I know that push energy oh too well!

    I think that ‘off the scale’, heartfelt desire is certainly the key 🙂 A bit like falling in love!!

    I still hold the beautiful intention to work with you one day.

    With deepest appreciation
    Dawn xx

    • Hi Dawn

      So nice to hear from you! Yes, there is something in the “space” right now around this, isn’t there? I love your analogy of “falling in love”. So good! Has to have that heartfelt desire and can easily fall into push energy if we aren’t conscious. Self awareness is so huge with this because even in our beloved businesses, we can ebb and flow between these two energies. If we incorporate some daily practices to keep us in that energy, it helps. And I’m guilty of this, too. I didn’t “feel like” meditating this morning. Didn’t want to do it from a push energy, yet also really clear in this moment, that it helps me so much stay in that pull energy. Going to stop what I’m doing now and meditate! 🙂
      Sending you love from California and look forward to working with you some day if/when you are pulled!! Invitation is open and so appreciate that beautiful acknowledgment.

      • Your pull energy is tangible when I receive your words Tara. Keep doing this incredible work in the world – it matters!!!

        Dawn xxx

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