Putting on the brakes instead of pushing through — 10 Comments

  1. Tara, I love how you truly embody what you teach; engaging deeply in relationships and “strategic alliances,” stepping into joyful energy, rather than “push” energy, and exquisite writing. Thank you for being YOU in all your brilliance (including your sparkly essence).

    p.s. It’s a privelage to be one of your speakers, and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences. 🙂

  2. Tara, this article resonates big with me! At age 70, retired, I already did the overextending, total burnout thing in a series of successful endeavors. Now, after an intense 3+ years of immersion in studies, courses, continued overwhelm of too many classes at once, etc, I’ve come to that putting on the brakes time. I also felt that great relief, and have been able to proceed at MY PACE, so I DO wake up happy each day. My biz action is way lower level than the others, but it suits me and so I can give the best of myself to my clients and myself and loved ones. Thank you for confirming the sanity of this choice!

    • I love this, Di! What is the point of going at a pace that doesn’t suit you? Thank-you for your share and for claiming your truth! xoxo

  3. Tara
    What a beautiful post and something I really needed to read. I have been planning for a teleclass series that I wanted to launch mid-Feb. But I’ve run into snags along the way, the biggest being my huge learning curve with technology. I’m away for the first week of Feb and feeling the panicky crunch of having to deliver this thing according to my orinigal timeline. Thing is, I haven’t set up any expectations about when this thing is bein delivered so I’m the only one putting pressure on myself to deliver by mid-Feb. After reading your post I’m inspired to take a step back an re-evaluate my timeline and what exactly it is I’m trying to do here: meet a deadline or deliver some valuable learning to ppl. Thanks!

    • Hi Sabrina! Aren’t we the worst with ourselves? We hold the highest bar and expect the most from ourselves. If only we should compassion to ourselves that we show to other people.
      I am so glad that this opened up some other possibilities for you with your teleclass. One thing I have learned is that things (especially new things) will take about 20% longer than I think they will. Usually that helps me set more realistic goals for myself and create plenty of space.
      I’m curious, if you push it out, what else is possible for you to have it be even more successful? (For example, I got several more people on board to promote my launch when I pushed it out…maybe pushing it out can create big openings for you to make it even more powerful!).

  4. This is very helpful, Tara. Thank you. I really appreciate this message of putting on the brakes especially when all the signs are writing on the wall! I always enjoy your newsletter and learn so much value.

    • Thank-you, Tess! Funny how the writing is always there for the reading, yet it is hard for us sometimes to accept it when we have a “plan”. Thanks so much for being part of my community!

  5. Yeah, Tara! Your smarts and passion combined with your desire to show up authentically and lovingly continue to inspire me. I’m so excited for the Speaker Series!

    • Thanks Angela for your acknowledgment and support. You are still “beloved” to me even though you are no longer my assistant! xoxo

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