Leverage Your Blog to Build Your Following — 3 Comments

  1. HI Tara, Great article on blogging and your 3 prong approach. I thought I’d add that when posting your blog link on Facebook, they prefers you to now simply allow the link to autopopulate the image and description from the website, rather than posting an image and then a link. Facebook announced they will actually decrease your posts visibility if done the other way. This was a change they implemented last year. I’ve updated many parts of my blogging teachings due to the old ways no longer working. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts and teachings because you’re BRILLIANT!

    • Hi Lisa!! Always love hearing from you. Do you know where I can verify that information? I’ve gotten some conflicting information on this from one of my FB experts. Would love to dig into this more and make sure I give the most up-to-date info to my audience. Thanks for all your brilliance and support!

      • Hi Tara, I get all my information directly from Facebook. I uncovered this little morsel when I took a deep dive into all things Facebook and Blogging back in November; I like to stay cutting edge with my teaching. I found it again and here’s the link for you, detailing preference with auto populated images vs image coupled with a link.
        Underneath the shrimp images, it says, “With this update, we will prioritize showing links in the link-format, and show fewer links shared in captions or status updates.”

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