What I Learned From My Cat’s Disappearance — 4 Comments

  1. What I love so much about the gift in this story is the daily gratitude that is suddenly there, with ease and without effort. The mundane suddenly becomes the exquisite. I love the heart opening and I especially loved being a small part of your journey. The experience reminded me to trust and have faith and not to give up on my own dreams. Thanks so much for sharing your story here!

    • Thank you so much Cheryl! Yes – I learned that gratitude can be found in everything. I am really grateful for all I got out of this experience – including building an even closer relationship with you! xoxo

  2. Hello! Maya is really a very cute cat. The most important thing to learn I found in the whole story is that “We should not give up until we get what we want” and that’s what you did. Thanks for the heart touching story. Keep sharing such blogs.

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