Are you Niche Curious? — 2 Comments

  1. Great Blog. I think some coaches are afraid to narrow their niche. The other day I met a Realtor who specialized in selling homes of people who are hoarders. Well, I thought that was odd and too specific. But that same week, I had two friends who were moving their parents to a retirement community and had to sort through 50 years of stuff. Guess who I referred them to: the realtor for hoarders. Go figure? Having a niche really works. That is why Empandia has only 7 main coaching verticals. We specialize

    • Thanks Jeannine! I always say that we should narrow to the degree it serves – both the client and the coach. And in your example, the realtor. It’s a great example of how this makes her highly referable! Thanks for chiming in!! With appreciation, Tara

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