Presence & Perspectives – Lessons of Life & Death — 9 Comments

  1. Dearest Tara,

    Thank you SO much for sharing… brought tears to my eyes as I too, have experienced the loss of an equally amazing furry friend. In our cases, I feel they were our familiars – as much a part of our souls’ adventures as we were of theirs. ❤️

    We go into it knowing about their relatively shorter lifespans, of course, which to me, makes our stewardship of their lives a sacred & precious gift.

    I love love love that you had the opportunity to spend more time with your Nora! She clearly was giving you a magic, time-stopping gift of truth and love of the purest kind!

    1000 thank yous for your generosity in every way. Take it easy in this difficult time, and know that she is only a little ways away, always watching, always near.

    Lots of love, Lisa T in Chicago

    • Lisa – so beautifully said! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and love. I am receiving it and have a huge smile on my face! With appreciation, Tara

  2. Dear Sweet Tara ~
    I was sad to learn about Nora’s passing, but glad you could share those final “good” days with her. Your tribute to her was beautiful. Isn’t it amazing what our beloved animals teach us? “Living by the Day” … (Grammy’s mantra).
    Love you,

    • Sweet Dede – thank you for your kind words! It truly is amazing what our animals teach us. I do believe Nora was a very wise creature who chose me so she could teach me so much. When I said she wasn’t the “perfect” dog, I wasn’t kidding. I spent hundreds of hours in training with her and getting over her trauma of being attacked by other dogs repeatedly at the dog camp I sent her to for 10 days while in Italy. I learned so much about judgement, patience, unconditional love. She truly has been one of my best teachers.
      Grammy was so great at living in the present (and had a shared love for animals). She was a wise woman, indeed. As are you!
      Sending you love,

  3. Some nuggets of learning?! Every sentence sparkles with love and wisdom. Thank you so much, and thank you Nora! Frolicing around in Heaven now! What fun will she have there!
    Wishing you many more miracles,
    the Netherlands

    • Your post made me giggle, Annemarie. Thank-you for sharing and for your infectious positivity and love that radiates out of your words!
      With appreciation,

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with Nora, Tara! The intense experience of being with grief & loss is certainly one we all face a various times in our lives. The perspectives we choose to hold, the lessons we choose to accept and the gifts our beloveds leave with us, as part of their legacy. You brought tears to my eyes this morning, and opened my heart. Thank you!

    • Thank you for your beautiful acknowledgment and words! I’m glad it struck a chord in your heart! With appreciation, Tara

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