Why I went on a Facebook Detox — 2 Comments

  1. Great post Tara. I couldn’t agree more. I went on a “Facebook Detox” a few years ago and never went back. I deleted my account. To this day I have friends and acquaintances who really believe they can’t live without Facebook. I watch some spend a ridiculous amount of time on it when they should be working. Then complain about not having enough time to get their work done, run errands and whatever else. I don’t think Facebook and other platforms are “evil” lol….I just think it’s an activity that
    should be managed. Glad your new approach to FB is working for you!

    • Thanks, Shirley! Yes, I got several emails from folks that said they saw it as a necessary evil. We create our own realities! Glad you were freed from something that didn’t bring you MORE of what you wanted in your life!

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