Does Social Media Feel like a Big “Should” in Your Coaching Business? — 1 Comment

  1. Along the lines of “don’t do the same thing and expect different results”, I’d add: Be sure to track your results. It’s pretty easy to determine where a new client came from (you can simply ask), but it’s harder to determine the full effect your social media efforts are having if you don’t actually look at the numbers in your Google Analytics account (you have one, don’t you?). When you look at your numbers, you might be surprised at what you discover.

    I recently looked at the numbers for one of my clients. We discovered: Facebook didn’t generate any sales for her, but it did generate 5k visits a year (visits alone are good for SEO). LinkedIn drove just 18 visits in an entire year (that was with posting 3-5 updates a week and one article a month). She was also posting one article a month to a specialized social media platform that catered to her target market. This platform drove just 3 visits in the entire year.

    What was surprising was that the website that referred her the most targeted traffic — traffic that actually bought — came from one of her own websites, one that she did very little to promote. It sent her 150 visits a year, which isn’t a ton, but enough to generate actual sales.

    After looking at her numbers, it made sense to continue Facebook and do more to promote her secondary website, but drop all other social media.

    She generates enough sales through her website that it would have been impossible to determine what promotions to continue without the data in her GA account. So, be sure to set up your Google Analytics account and then learn how to interpret the data in it.

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