The Broadview Group was founded in September of 2000 as an Organizational Development and Training Company by Tara Butler.  It has served corporate clients such as Starbucks, Speakeasy, Avanade, Getty Images, On Request Images and Microsoft.  When Tara made a courageous leap and moved in 2007 from Seattle, Washington, to a tiny little town called Sebastopol, California, she began to focus her business on coaching and online speaking/training so she could stop amassing frequent flyer miles and really build a life in her new community.  Over the last 6 years, Tara slowly began to decommission The Broadview Group while building her coaching practice and programs for emerging entrepreneurs.  The Broadview Group now serves as a Holding Company for Tara’s business endeavors which are now exclusively focused on entrepreneurs who are growing their 1:1 coaching practices and group programs to the next level.  Although Tara still travels a few times each quarter to do trainings and keynote presentations, she is no longer eligible for Premier Status on United Airlines, which is just fine by her!