The Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program is designed to help Coaches and “Coach-like” Entrepreneurs create joyous, prosperous full practices in less than a year.

It provides multiple levels of support through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, mentorship, and training  so you can take steps each week towards creating your Ideal Business without being bogged down by the resistance, obstacles, challenges or confusion that can often emerge when you are growing your business and yourself.

The Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program creates a safe container for learning, exploration and expansion.  In other words, we got your rope!  Not only will you learn the “how” of running and growing a coaching practice,  I will help you adapt and customize your business plan and strategies through the filters of your Values, Compelling Purpose and Archetype.

Translation – this is no cookie cutter approach.

There are many ways to grow a joyous, prosperous coaching practice and the key is to create your plan and strategies based on who you are and what your Divine Ideal Client wants from you.

The Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program leads you through our 6 level in-depth process, at your “just right” pace:


Ideal Client Clarification

Business Model


Business Development

Strategic Partnerships

– Your Compelling Vision, Values, Archetype Identification & Strategic Goals

– Define Market Niche & Divine Ideal Client

– Your Unique Services & Offerings

– Messaging and Brand Clarity

– Marketing Pipelines & Client Enrollment Strategies

– Creating Prosperous & Joyous Business Relationships

Our Six Layer Process for Building Your Thriving Practice

If you are interested in exploring whether The Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program will help catapult you to the next level,  I offer a complimentary Business Breakthrough Session.  I only work with a small number of entrepreneurs with whom I can make a significant impact.  If it isn’t the right mutual fit, I will be happy to refer you to another coach or point you in the right direction.

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