Are you an experienced corporate or
leadership “coach-sultant”
who is ready to stop working so hard,
make more money and really love your business?


You’ve made it!  You have the business that most coaches and consultants crave.  And for years, it’s really worked for you. But you know your business and you can both be better and you are ready to make the leap into a more joyous, meaningful business.

Do you:

  • Work way too hard to make the money you want?
  • Say “yes” to opportunities you wish you could say “no” to?
  • Crave connection with other corporate coaches that are as or more successful than you?
  • Know there is a better way but struggle with working “on” the business when you are so busy “in” the business?
  • Hold onto clients or Strategic Alliances you are really feeling “done with” out of fear or comfort?
  • Want to make more money while working less hours?
  • Have a greater vision for your work that you are ready to step into?

If this sounds like you, then The Entrepreneurial Edge Diamond Mastermind may be a great fit for you.

I created the program I wish I had had 19 years ago.  Back in the day, when I was a Leadership and Team Development “Coach-sultant”, I would seek out networking groups and business programs only to find I was the most successful coach in the room, time and time again.  Although I got something out of those, I knew I would get a whole lot more if I had a program with true peers and colleagues whose businesses I admired – peers from whom I could get ideas, advice and opportunities to collaborate, as I navigated the up-leveling of my business.  I never found it.  I hired great 1:1 coaches along the way and built my own peer coaching groups to try to get my other needs met.  As I began to work with more and more successful coaches 1:1, they shared their desire to have a group just like I had wanted when I was in their shoes.  And so, Voila!  I launched the first Entrepreneurial Edge Diamond Mastermind cohort in May of 2019 and immediately knew I had created something special.

I built this program based off of what my clients wanted and needed:

  • An intimate mastermind of successful corporate coaches, with a maximum of 6 people in each cohort
  • 1:1 coaching and support
  • An editing partner for their proposals, curriculum and marketing materials
  • Access to a library of resources, curriculum, templates and workbooks to support their journey
  • And more…

The Entrepreneurial Edge Diamond Coaching Program leads you through our 7 level in-depth process, at your “just right” pace:


Ideal Client Clarification

Business Model

Client Enrollment


Business Development

Strategic Partnerships

– Your Compelling Vision, Values & Strategic Goals

– Specify your Niche, Ideal Client & “Sweet Spot”

– Your Unique Value Proposition, Services & Offerings

– Up level your enrollment and sales capability

– Positioning, Messaging, and Brand Clarity

– Marketing Pipelines, Biz Dev & Engagement Strategies

– Creating Prosperous & Joyous Business Relationships

Our Seven Layer Process for Building Your Thriving Practice

If you are a successful, experienced coach who is ready to bring your business to the next level, sign up for a Business Breakthrough Session with me to see if this is the right program for you (and you, for it!).  I look forward to hearing from you!

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