The Entrepreneurial Leap-start Program

  • Are you an Aspiring and Emerging Entrepreneur who is struggling to attract the RIGHT clients?

  • Do you have a gift you KNOW your prospective clients need but you don’t know how to find them?

  • Have you been afraid to claim a clear Market Niche in fear that it will turn away potential clients?

Then the Entrepreneurial Leap-start Program is for you!

This 4 module program will help you:

  • Get crystal clear about your Divine Ideal Client
  • Powerfully claim a Market Niche that needs and wants YOU
  • Become a known expert in your Market Niche
  • Create a Relationship Channel of prospective clients and referral sources
  • Develop absolute clarity on what your clients want from YOU
  • Start attracting clients to you without having to “sell yourself”

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So many Coaches and Entrepreneurs struggle with the whole concept of “to niche or not to niche?”.  We can always think of a few examples of successful entrepreneurs who don’t have a clear market niche (which gives us evidence to stay niche-less).  However, when we look at the thriving solo-preneurs that are MOST successful, they almost always have a clearly defined Market Niche.

So, if it’s such a no brainer, why doesn’t everyone naturally pick a Market Niche?

Here are some of the common Misconceptions and Fears that Aspiring and Emerging Entrepreneurs have about picking a Market Niche:

  1. “By narrowing my focus on a specific niche, I will narrow my opportunities for prospective clients”
  2. “I will repel prospective clients who aren’t in my Market Niche”
  3. “I will be pigeon-holed and I want freedom to change up my business”
  4. “There won’t be enough prospective clients for me and I’ll go broke”
  5. “My current clients who aren’t in my niche will stop working with me”
  6. “I will have to say NO to potential clients that aren’t in my Niche”
  7. “I don’t know how to pick a Niche or where to begin”

Rest assured, our 4 module Leap-start Program will address each and every one of these misconceptions so that they disappear.   We will take the mystery out of the Niche Marketing process and make it easy for you to start exploring and claim a Market Niche for your Business!

If this calls to you, we encourage you to make the Courageous Leap and sign up today!

 The Entrepreneurial Leap-start Program

Available as a pre-recorded program with 4 downloadable audios and MP4s and accompanying templates and handouts.

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 Meet Tara: 

TaraHeadShotTara Butler Floch is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  Tara has been committed to helping entrepreneurs launch and grow simple and elegant businesses since 2000 when she founded her own consulting and coaching practice.  Prior to that, she was an executive at 3 companies where she led Sales & Service Organizations of up to 80 people.  She has helped hundreds of clients launch from the corporate world into entrepreneurship, transform and grow existing businesses, and create meaningful, passionate, and prosperous businesses.  She loves working with professional Coaches in her The Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program to help them fill their practice in less than a year.