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Frequently Asked Questions about
the Client Attraction Video Symposium:

How can I download the interviews?
As a free attendee, you can listen to the recordings until Sunday March 8th on our event page.

If you want to have downloadable audios and videos of the interviews, you can easily enroll in our Upgrade Package and be able to listen to the interviews over and over.  The Upgrade Package comes with other bonuses.  To learn about how to upgrade, click here

I love what you are doing and would be interested in promoting your event on your behalf.  Do you have an Affiliate Program?
We are very open to promotional partners for this event.  Sign up here.

How long will each of the interviews be?
Each interview will be approximately 40-45 minutes.

Are ECUs available?
Since we cannot monitor who attends and doesn’t attend each session and track that information, we cannot provide ECU credits for this event. However, we can for our other paid programs we offer for “Professional Development” (such as our Entrepreneurial Leap-Start Program and Entrepreneurial Edge Coaching Program).

I’m a member. What do I do if I forgot my password?
Click the tiny “Forgot Password” under the username and password fields. A blue overlay window will come up that says “Password Reset”. Go ahead and put the password you would like to use in that field and click “Reset”. You will then be asked to login again. Put in your username and the new password you just created to log in.

Where do I find the speaker’s replays and free gifts?
All replays and free gifts are available until Sunday March 8th on our event page (click here to access it)  If you would like to have access longer, you can buy our upgrade package. To learn about how to upgrade, click here

I’ve signed up for the Upgrade package.  How do I access it?
In order to access your Upgrade package, you need to log in. You can do that by going to by going to our downloads page at

Or you can access it from any webpage and scrolling to the very bottom.  There you’ll see a tiny “Member Login” option in the blue banner across the bottom of the page.

Click on that and put in your username and password

We don’t have access to your password.  If you’ve forgotten it, click on “forgot password” and you will be asked to reset your password.  Once this is done, put in your password and you will be taken to a Welcome page.