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        • Intuitive Business Development with Laura Haykel
        • Life Vision – The Cornerstone to Your Kingdom with Alison McLean
        • Experience and Form: Taking an upside down approach to making things happen.with Ursula Pottinga
  • FREE admission to Sage Lavine’s Spiritual Wealth Weekend at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA on April 12-14th (A $695 Value)
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Bonus #1

Intuitive Business Development
with Laura Haykel

Laura Haykel

  • Learn the benefits of developing a new business development system for your business or project and how this system can create opportunities for you to flourish
  • Learn the importance of following up with prospects, mentors or potential strategic partners
  • Learn how to build your confidence, clarify your ideal prospects or partners and network~connect in ways that will expand the possibilities for your project/business to be a great success

Laura Haykel is a femmepreneur, perspective shifter, inspirator, mother & co~creative evolutionary. Laura is the Chief Flourishing Generator at iFlourish Consulting, where she has helped several clients develop new business development systems from which their businesses are flourishing. She is also the founder of Uplift 2 Uplevel coaching and the Femme Entrepreneur group in Buffalo, NY. Laura supports her clients to claim their worth, make empowered choices and expand the potentials for their lives and businesses to flourish! As a result these women motivate, inspire and uplift others and have become living proof that creative people can monetize their passions by creating businesses they love and co~creating the lives of their dreams! When Laura isn’t engaged in her businesses she can be found baking molasses cookies, taking West African dance classes or singing to her hearts content.

Extra Bonus: Laura’s Business Development ebook: Your guide to creating a NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM for your own business or project


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Bonus #2

Life Vision – The Cornerstone to Your Kingdom
with Alison McLean


  • The generative contribution you were designed to be
  • Why your Kingdom will fall without a clear Life Vision
  • Why vision boards and affirmations don’t work
  • What ingredients bring magnetic magic to your Life Vision

Alison “Alie” McLean is passionate about helping women create lives they truly love. Professionally trained as an Ontological and Somatic coach at two of the world’s premier coaching institutions, Newfield Network and Strozzi Institute of Embodied Leadership, she works with clients holistically through their emotions, generative use of language and the body.

Exhausted, frustrated, and tired of feeling that she was always being “run” by something outside herself, one day she heard herself declaring she wanted to just be “the Queen of My Own Life”! This led her to use her leadership and self-mastery skills on her own journey where she discovered Sovereignty – that magnificent and impenetrable place within you.

Extra Bonus: Alie’s Realm: Designing and Having the Life You Came to Live ebook.

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Bonus #3

Experience and Form: Taking an upside down approach to making things happen.
with Ursula Pottinga

Urusula Pottinga

  • Discover the difference between creating from experience or form
  • Learn how to make things happen and how to stay motivated
  • Apply simple strategies to stay motivated and follow through

Ursula Pottinga is an experienced, certified professional co-active coach and the co-founder of multiple businesses, including a non-profit, a consulting company for the hospitality industry and an International Leadership and Coaching firm. Her passion is providing support to budding Entrepreneurs and help them create intentional and thriving businesses. She is known as a masterful workshop designer and facilitator. Born in Germany, Ursula has lived and worked all over the world, and now shares her time between Florida and Minneapolis.

Extra Bonus: Receive a FREE 30-Minute Coaching Session with Ursula (limited quantities).


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Bonus #4

Sage Lavine’s Spiritual Wealth Weekend
at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA on April 12-14th (A $695 Value)

At this Women’s Spiritual Wealth Restorative Retreat, you will master the art of filling your Practice & Your Bank Account so you can consistently serve your Divine Right Clients and Experience being
Paid Well for your Contribution.

Discover the blueprint for a collaborative and generosity based six-figure business as you rest into the true support of a tribe of women who meet you.

  • Through guided reflection of your life journey as your individual PhD program gain clarity in your message and divine right client.
  • Discover who your divine right clients are and where to find them.
  • Learn how to fill your practice quickly by powerfully enrolling potential clients.
  • Done-for-you Templates to make filling your practice a breeze.
  • Learn life-changing money tracking strategies to grow your income.
  • Raise your money set-point and shift your limiting money beliefs with powerful mindset shifting techniques.
  • Learn game changing strategies for leveraging your business and creating residual income – rather than trading time for dollars.

Transform your love into marketable programs with Sage and speakers over two & a half days of magical, deep, transformative business growing wisdom alongside like-minded women leaders on the California Coast.


Enroll Now for the Entrepreneurial Leap Upgrade Package

$97 ($800 value)