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“The Experience in your business” section – you want this to really illustrate the feel of what you want.  I recommend coming up with a theme that represents that feel.  Last year, mine was “joy, ease, grace”; the year before that was  “leverage, momentum, growth”.  For 2018 I’m toying with it being “leverage, excitement, ease-ful”.  It is also really fun to come up with a theme song that reminds you of this “feel”.

For your Financial goal, you can also spell out how many clients or how much revenue you want each quarter

Under your Strategic Goals, I recommend having a “low, medium, high” plan.  The low plan is what you absolutely will do/minimum you will do to get to your financial goal.  The medium will be additional strategies (or it could be doing more of the strategies you already outlined, such as additional Signature Talks if that was one of your strategies) to get to your financial goal if your low plan isn’t getting you there.  The high is similar – what you would do if the medium isn’t getting you there; although I do recommend that these be some activities that can be executed quickly to get results – such as a Facebook ad campaign to advertise a webinar (that leads to signing up for your program).

I also recommend that for each strategy that you estimate how many clients/revenue you expect from each activity so that you can determine how many activities to do to get to your goal, and be able to monitor your success as you go.   Not all strategies may have a direct correlation to revenue/clients, such as re-doing your website or developing new curriculum for your program.  You just want to make sure that you have strategies outlined for each quarter that will get you to that revenue.

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