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7 Steps to Creating Savvy Strategic Alliances
A 5 Week Training Program to Create
More Clients, More Revenue, and More Fun!

Creating Strategic Alliances is one of the best strategies for growing your business FAST!

Yet, you may have dipped your toe in the “Strategic Alliance Pool” only to end up:

  • Frustrated that you invested tons of time and energy and got mediocre results (if any results at all)
  • Resentful after sending tons of referrals to others yet never receiving a single referral yourself
  • Rejected by bigger players you were really excited to work with
  • Disgusted because you ended up in competition rather than collaboration

Believe me, you are not alone.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to set up savvy and sustainable partnerships.

Trust me, I know because I have been there, too!

In my 13 years as an entrepreneur, I have had dozens of Strategic Alliances that failed.

However, through my own trial and error I learned the secret strategies for creating fun and profitable partnerships.

Strategic Alliances helped me grow my business fast…

I doubled my revenues in the first two years of business
through Strategic Alliances.

Now, 30-60% of my business each year comes from these relationships.

Businesswomen making thumbs up signThrough one partner alone I’ve received $80,000 in referrals each year for the past 6 years (and one year it was over $150,000!).

Getting to work with new clients and partners that I adore makes doing business even more fun. I’ve shared my signature system with hundreds of clients who are now making up to 150% more in revenues than they were a year ago.

And I want this for you.

Imagine increasing your profits by 20-150% each year, consistently.
What would you do with an extra $20,000-100,000+ each year?

Which is why I invite you to…

Grow Your Business with Strategic Alliances:
A 5 Week Training Program to Create
More Clients, More Revenue, and More Fun!

Join us for this training and receive:Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Modern Office

  • A step-by-step system for creating profitable partnerships (no more mediocre results!)
  • Made-for-you scripts, email templates, interview guides, marketing plans and more (so you save time and increase your effectiveness)
  • Customized support and strategies to jump-start your collaborations (no more waiting – you will be in action with this program)

When you put this step-by-step system into action, you’ll be ready to launch your next program with greater confidence and more powerful promotional partners.

Get ready for more leveraged success! To register, click here.

5 Week Training Program
at 11:30-1:30 PST

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Week 1: Laying the Foundation (Thursday, March 13th)

  • Discover the 6 different types of partnerships (and the benefits and drawbacks of each)- Learn the key criteria you must consider when choosing partners
  • Develop an “Ideal Partner Profile” so you know the best partners to approach
  • Identify where to find potential partners

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Week 2: Approaching Potential Partners (Thursday, March 20th)

  • Learn how to initiate successful contact (even with people you don’t know)
  • Discover secrets to increase the likelihood bigger players will work with you
  • Get valuable templates and scripts for your initial meetings
  • Access powerful interview questions to determine if you’re a fit for working together

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Week 3: Moving Forward with Collaboration (Thursday, March 27th)

  • Outline an initial project to work on together (so you’re in action immediately)
  • Establish agreements using our templates and expert guidelines
  • Create a customized marketing plan using our tried-and-true “Strategic Alliances Action Plan”

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Week 4: Implementation (No call this week)

  • Using the tools from Weeks 1-3, you will be in action!
  • Have 2-3 initial meetings with potential Strategic Alliances
  • Follow up and have at least one 2nd meeting with your top potential partner
  • Identify your biggest challenges and questions about the templates, interview questions, and overall process

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Week 5: Optimizing & Refining (Tuesday, April 10th)

  • Deep dive group Q&A so you get the support you need to overcome your biggest challenges
  • View a sample “Tracking Report” and learn how to asses the viability of your collaborations
  • Learn strategies for optimizing your alliance (no more mediocre results!)


There is no other comprehensive program out there on how to create Savvy Strategic Alliances in this multi-faceted way. Through this program you will get the tools and support you need to create long lasting relationships that are fun and profitable.


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Bonus #1: **For First 10 People**

3 Hour Strategic Alliance Group Strategy Session with Tara Butler Floch (Valued at $400)
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Bonus #2: The Courageous Entrepreneurial Leap Speaker Series

Access to 20 interview recordings that cover the soup to nuts in growing your business – from Vision to Overcoming Obstacles to Enrolling Clients to Marketing Your Business. (Valued at $97)
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Bonus #3: Private Facebook Page

Connect with other Program Members here. Get your questions answered, get additional support, and connect with potential Strategic Alliances.
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Bonus #4: The Strategic Alliance Toolkit

The Toolkit includes scripts, templates, checklists, questionnaires and more, so you have all the support you need to develop profitable partnerships (again and again and again).

Ready to Jump In?  To register, click here.

What Clients are saying about Tara’s Strategic Alliance System:

After working with Tara, my business has grown 150%!

Before working with Tara, I wasn’t collaborating with any Strategic Alliances, and I was sending referrals to other professionals, but getting no referrals in return.

After working with Tara, I implemented a Strategic Alliance Strategy last year and since then my business has grown 150%!

Through my partnerships, I’m able to have a greater impact on my clients, and they are blown away by the results they’re getting. I’ve also gained more credibility by teaming up with other professionals.

I have more of my ideal clients, and have a steady stream of prospects, all from the work I’ve done with Tara!”

Charlie Cooke
Cooke Capital

With just one strategic alliance, I have increased my business by 22% in one year!

I am also getting a steady stream of highly qualified clients from this partner.

I feel more satisfied and confident with my business, knowing that I am partnering with an ‘expert team’ to provide top level advice and ideas to my clients.

Tara’s guidance has been instrumental in creating these successful partnerships with the right people. She’s helped me be in action and improve, improve, improve!”


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7 Steps to Creating Savvy Strategic Alliances:
A 5 Week Training Program to Create
More Clients, More Revenue, and More Fun!



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PLEASE NOTE: If you work this program, show up for all the live call(s), and find it to be unsatisfactory for your Strategic Alliance Strategy, you have 21 days after you purchase to get your money back minus a $150 non-refundable administrative fee.