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Tara Butler Floch has been a keynote speaker at conferences and events in over 30 U.S. cities, as well as a well-known speaker internationally on Podcasts, Online/Tele Summits, Zoom and  Live Stream events.  Tara’s straightforward and humorous style entertains, informs and inspires.  Participants walk away with a deeper understanding of what is possible and how to make tangible change and transformation in their work and lives. 

Tara has helped thousands of talented leaders and leadership coaches create extraordinary lives and create success that aligns with their values and dreams.  A successful entrepreneur since 2000, Tara has re-invented her own business many times to stay aligned with her own personal growth.  She believes that the path of entrepreneurship is a spiritual path (if you choose it to be) and that continued business success is linked to our own ability to change and grow as the world around us shifts and changes.

Tara is a sought out speaker both in-person and online

Her Recent Keynotes and Signature Talks Include:

    • “Pull Energy – How to Re-engage and Re-energize Leaders (and Our People) to Get Better Results with Less Effort and More Fun”

    • “Savvy Strategic Alliances – Creating Powerful, Fun & Profitable Partnerships”

    • “Getting to a Powerful “YES” – How to Enroll Clients and Fill Your Practice with Ease”

    • “Niche in a Nutshell – Claim a “True Niche” to Become “Essential” to Your Ideal Client”

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      Here are some examples of recent speaking engagements:

      • The ICF (International Coaching Federation) – Midwest Conference, L.A. Chapter, Vancouver Chapter, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Washington Chapter, Oregon Chapter, Orange County Chapter, Michigan Chapter, NE Chapter, Sacramento Chapter, Minnesota Chapter, High Country Chapter, Pittsburgh Chapter, Chicago Chapter, and Ohio Valley Chapter
      • The Co-Active Network (Coaches Training Institute) – Bay Area Chapter
      • The Sexy, Six-Figure Speakers Workshop, The Love Leverage Workshop, The Women’s Wealth Weekend, and The Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy with Sage Lavine
      • Bi-Annual USA Cycling Association National Conference for Cycling Coaches
      • Dozens of Online/Telesummits, including: The Adventerous Entrepreneur Telesummit with Emily Utter – Season 1 & 2;  The Quantum Leaps Telejam with Leela Somaya – Season 1 & 2; and The Online Freedom Series with Maggie Ellis
      • Coachzing Podcast Show with Doug Forresta
      • National Association of Etiquette Professionals
      • The Marin Business Club
      • Natural Born Coaches Podcast Show with Marc Mawhinney
      • Emotional Wisdom Training Radio with Kate Michels

      ICF Ohio Valley Chapter – Getting to a Powerful “Yes”

      The ICF Oregon Chapter – NIche in a Nutshell

      To inquire about booking Tara Butler Floch for one of your upcoming events, please email or call our office at (707)-922-5708

      I listen to a lot of different webinars and trainings, and this one by far has been the most valuable and informative

      I just finished watching the recording of your presentation to the virtual ICF Midwest coaches conference, and I was blown away! I appreciate you sharing your expertise, time, and energy. I listen to a lot of different webinars and trainings, and this one by far has been the most valuable and informative. Thank-you!

      Jennifer K
      ICF Midwest Conference Participant

      Niche in a Nutshell is a must-see presentation for coaches

      Niche in a Nutshell is a must-see presentation for coaches who are interested in strengthening their business and increasing their revenue.  Tara uses her vast experience to help the audience get more clear about what is a niche, why it’s important and how to create your own unique “sweet spot” within your niche.  Whether you’ve been coaching for years or just starting out, you’ll benefit from experiencing Tara and her Niche in a Nutshell presentation.

      Annetta Johnson
      Professional Development Director, ICF Gulf Coast Chapter

      Awesome! Great Presentation Style. Knows Her Stuff!

      Awesome - loved the valuable information Tara provided and tools to get into action to further identify my niche!  This teleclass really resonated for where I am in my business and ultimately want to take it. Great value, Thank you!

      Catherine Burdett
      The Alignment Project

      As a seasoned coach, I didn't think that I needed this class and I was so surprised!

      I'm laughing at myself in that as a seasoned coach, I didn't think that I needed this class (on Niche in a Nutshell) and I was so surprised. As Tara talked I realized that my 20 year niche has been changing. I really enjoy some of the 'off niche' clients that have found me and for whom I am working. Go figure. Great session

      I LOVED the presentation last night!

      I LOVED the presentation last night, you made Sheri and I PROUD as education directors of the ICF Oregon Chapter.

      You inspired us, and I LOVED the beautiful CTI training coming through.

      You are a wonderful presenter.

      THANK YOU.

      Kathleen Spike,MCC, CPPC, pNLP, cht
      ICF Oregon, Educational Director

      Tara's philosophy was contagious! An inspiration to us all!

      On February 14, 2017 the Vancouver Charter Chapter ICF members were treated to Tara’s professionalism as she presented “Getting to a Powerful ‘Yes’ -- how to enroll clients to fill your practice with ease”.  During this one hour webinar, Tara eloquently conveyed how to expect clients to commit to action.  She began by emphasizing that it is to our advantage to forego ‘selling’ our programs and instead ‘enroll’ clients into them.  The secret is to seek a ‘commitment’.

      Tara’s philosophy was contagious.  She believes in exceeding a client’s expectations from the get-go.  Regardless of the outcome, every interaction she has she is intent on making a difference.  An inspiration to us all.

      Tara has a warm and easy going demure which instantly created a sense of trustworthiness and likability. Tara gave an informative, professional and credible presentation, in addition to many resources. The hour flew by!

      On behalf of the ICF Vancouver Charter Chapter, thank you Tara!

      Helene Iliffe MA, ACC, BCC
      ICF Vancouver, Program Director

      This, by far, is the most impactful learning I have had the opportunity to take part in and, I've heard a lot

      “I just want to thank you so much for sharing your workbook, knowledge, experience, and expertise at your “Powerful ‘Yes’” Presentation. This, by far, is the most impactful learning I have had the opportunity to take part in and, I've heard a lot. Seriously, I learned more from your free presentation then I did after several sessions with other business professionals. It's so encouraging and inspiring to hear from a "fellow" coach who is truly genuine and understands what a coach needs in order to attract clients and build their business. I believe that your tailoring to how a coach can attract business is so powerful.”

      Colleen Lewis
      Finding Your Solution & Associates

      The program exceeded my expectations in almost every way

      Tara Butler Floch’s virtual education program, Savvy Strategic Alliances received rave reviews from ICF Ohio Valley Chapter members and guests.  The program exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Tara is a consummate professional at delivering programs—her pacing, presence and visuals were outstanding. But, most importantly she packed a significant amount of useful information into our 90 minutes together. She provided several frameworks that served as effective “containers" for the information serving to enhance the participant's comprehension. I must also comment on her generosity in sharing slides and offering sessions and materials to the participants. Bravo, Tara!

      Michelle Naiser, ACC
      VP of Programming, Ohio Valley ICF Chapter

      I can't thank you enough for sharing your magic through your Client Enrollment Training. It works!

      Seriously, I can't thank you enough for sharing your magic through your Client Enrollment Training. It works!

      I practiced it with a prospective client the next day and she signed on with a 10 on the commitment scale. We had an awesome breakthrough session and I felt so at ease using your model. It helped me maintain my focus on the client, stay authentic and reach a level of depth and connection with out the nervousness that usually comes for me when I'm trying to "sell" my coaching.

      Cynthia Sumner
      True Nature Coaching

      I've interviewed over 800 guests, and Tara Butler Floch really stands out for me

      As a podcast host, I've interviewed over 800 guests, and Tara Butler-Floch really stands out for me. What I love about Tara is her natural conversational style and her warmth and wisdom. I find Tara's focus on relationship and conversation a breath of fresh air, and my listeners greatly enjoyed her episode. I would highly recommend Tara as a podcast guest."

      She is a wealth of information and her enthusiasm shines through her words!

      "Tara Butler Floch is a natural speaker and gifted teacher.  Not only is she a wealth of information but her enthusiasm shines through her words!  She has been such a joy to meet as a person, and to work with as a colleague.  If you are looking for a speaker/coach/teacher that loves what she does, loves to share it, and does so eloquently and personably, Tara is your woman!  I am so grateful for all that she shared so generously and I know my community will be as well!"

      Catherine Jimenez - Spencer
      Building Trust Online Summit

      Tara was my first choice for a keynote speaker

      "Tara Butler Floch was my first choice of keynote speaker at our Entrepreneurial Leadership Retreat because of her incredible ability to break down complex concepts into bite size, digestible information without leaving behind the heart and mindset that it takes to grow a business.  Tara is articulate, full of love and has the natural gift of connecting an audience to each other, to her as a speaker, and to their true purpose in the world."

      Sage Lavine
      Sage Lavine, Inc

      Tara will be the top of my list whenever I do a Telesummit

      “Tara is an absolute joy to collaborate with – both in front of and behind the scenes.  She is an engaging, knowledgeable and passionate speaker who canvases both sides of the spectrum – she inspires audiences to see the big picture AND gives them real, juicy information that can help them make changes in their business right away.  She is a delightful person to interview and it always feels like we are just having a fireside chat. Behind the scenes, she is very organized and she/her team are easy to coordinate with.  They go above and beyond expectations when it comes to promotion and follow-through.  Tara will definitely be on the top of my list anytime I do a telesummit or speaker’s series”.

      Tara is always hands down, one of my best speakers on my annual telesummit

      Tara is always hands down, one of my best speakers on my annual telesummit. She provides incredible value and delivers just the right amount of content that is truly helpful without being overwhelming. Tara also stands out as someone who is really helpful when it comes to event promotion- she is genuinely interested in the success of the event and does what she can to make it really top notch, whether it's introducing me to other speakers, sharing on social media, or telling her colleagues. Tara is super reliable and a great pleasure to work with.