I now have a strategy that feels aligned with the work I was called to do as a coach

If you are thinking about hiring Tara, don't hesitate...

I’m busier now than I’ve ever been even though I’m working a shorter week.

Before I started working with Tara, I had gotten approximately nowhere with my business. I didn’t even know what I wanted; just that it wasn’t what I was doing. I was unclear about the kind of client I wanted to work with, I was giving away hours and time because I didn’t know how to price my services, I hadn’t figured out how to set boundaries for my part-time workday, and I was wasting a lot of energy on business development initiatives that I didn’t enjoy but believed I had to do. I was working hours that weren’t convenient for me for fear of losing opportunities, even though I had set out to create a work schedule that fit with my family life.

A former colleague and fellow coach referred me to Tara. In working with Tara, I was able to identify my ideal client, and build my business including an excellent coaching process that uses both my strengths and talents as a coach and HR leader. I have built a pricing schedule that reflects the value of my coaching, and that I no longer hesitate to present to a potential client. Most importantly, though, I learned how to build a work schedule that really works for me and my family. I’m busier now than I’ve ever been even though I’m working a shorter week. I’ve also learned to identify the business development initiatives that work for me, and stick to those rather than joylessly throwing spaghetti at the wall.

As a result of working with Tara, I am no longer trying to create a business. I’m proud of my business and website. I know what work to say ‘yes’ to, and which work to refer elsewhere. And, I’m so happy with the work life that I’ve settled into as a professional and mom.

Keri De Bruin

She was a trusted guide that helped me find the clarity and confidence I needed to navigate uncharted waters

Before working with Tara I was struggling with deciding exactly which direction to take my business forward and I was needing clarity.  I decided to hire Tara because I wanted to regain solid footing for my business following a sharp decline in client load as 2020 unfolded and several of my anticipated projects were put on hold. Specifically, I sought to gain more clarity on how to get my business to grow quickly and catch back up, following the decline. I needed a thought partner to help me to confirm and reestablish: my ideal client, my services, my offerings, and my business development strategies.

As  I reflect back on my experience, I say the benefits I received from our work together fit into 3 very important buckets:

  1. I gained significant clarity about what I did and did not want for myself and my business moving forward and the direction around the future I wanted to create for my coaching work. I got clear on my ideal client, my niche, my preferred service offerings, my pricing and my approach to expand my awareness and create more sales conversations.
  2. I rebuilt a new upgraded solid foundation and platform to relaunch my business to success for the future. I now have a clear business plan to follow for my future.
  3. During an unprecedentedly challenging time with multiple surprise emergencies that spanned several months, I received great support from Tara. From serious family illnesses to several unexpected household emergencies to other high stress occurrences, I was pulled in many directions mentally. She was a trusted guide that helped me find the clarity and confidence I needed to navigate uncharted waters as I balanced both personal priorities and continued to maintain attention on my work and business."

If you feel you lack clarity on exactly where to take your business and how to move it forward and you want to change that, then Tara can help you figure that out if you are ready to make those decisions.

Brian Houp
Rezone Coaching

This year I've brought in $50,000 of additional revenue and will grow even more next year

When I first reached out to Tara, I was stuck.  All of my work was with one Strategic Partner and I knew expanding my private practice would allow me to do more of the work I was most excited about. I had been talking and wanting to do this for some time but not doing anything about it. I wanted to earn more money while working less, and get to be able to wear shorts every day and be myself.

Since working with Tara, I feel much more confident about my work outside of my Strategic Partner.  I feel a growing level of excitement and enthusiasm.

I’ve also met several amazing coaches through the mastermind Tara created, which has brought me great opportunities to do projects with partners who really want a win-win and who are so enjoyable to work with.

I’m also getting closer and closer to my goals.  This year I've brought in $50,000 of additional revenue and will grow even more next year because of the work we’ve done.

One thing I really appreciate about my work with Tara is her role modeling for me. Tara always starts her calls with a celebration and there is something in there that has helped me shift in my work with clients.  Before, I almost always went right “to the work” and now I start now with “what’s going well”.  I start now with energy and possibility vs. to the deficit.  Her role modeling around client preparation and getting ready for calls has helped me create a better client experience, as well.

I also appreciate Tara’s generosity of spirit and how available and willing she is to support her clients.  She is like a night light for me on this journey.

If you decide to work with Tara, she will provide gentle clarity and will require you to really step into the work vs. dancing around the work because she won’t do the work for you.  Tara also provides a solid process and framework that allows you to create your own path, with her walking by your side (vs. putting you through a rigid process). She will help you trust yourself as the one doing the work and what is “light and right” for you.

I knew from Day 1 that working with her would be immensely valuable and it really paid off

When the pandemic began in March 2020, I decided to change careers after 10 years of working in product design. While I had built a successful consulting business in years past, I knew I would benefit from some expert guidance as I embarked on building out my new coaching practice. I wanted to do so in an intentional and holistic way. A colleague of mine who had also gone into coaching from product design connected me with Tara who she said "patiently guided me through building my practice, providing powerful tools and knowledge along the way." My experience with Tara has been the same, and exceeded my expectations.

Despite the chaos of the past two years, I have been able to build a successful and full practice by implementing an intentional, goals-based strategy, and by having more precise methods for attracting my target client. I have the ability to choose who I want to work with and say no to things that aren’t a “powerful yes”. Tara's program and process are solid, yet it was tailored exactly to my needs and niche. I knew from Day 1 that working with her would be immensely valuable and it really paid off. If I hadn’t made this investment in my business, I have no doubt that I would be leagues behind where I am today.

My business grew tenfold in a year and I went SIGNFICANTLY upmarket

Before I started working with Tara I was struggling to get my new coaching business off the ground. I wasn’t confident that I had a solid process that was delivering value to my clients.

I wanted to understand how to find the right clients, set expectations, create client goals and execute effectively. I also wanted to understand how I could build my coaching practice into a true business.

In working with Tara, I developed a well-structured process that I feel confident delivers on my promise, including how to complete an engagement powerfully.  I learned how to price and structure my services appropriately and how to leverage Strategic Alliances to get well paying clients who need my services (vs. having to only market on my own).

As a result of working with Tara, my business grew tenfold in a year. Even though my first year in business wasn’t great I went SIGNFICANTLY upmarket as a result of our work together and feel like I now have a legitimate lucrative business.

There were a few key coaching sessions that, in and of themselves, paid for the whole engagement with Tara alone. “Ah-ha’s” are not linear and I could have spent years learning through trial and error.  Instead I chose to grow quickly under the direction of a mentor by working with Tara (hint: that’s FAR faster and better!)

I now have far greater confidence in how I market my services and conduct my work, as well as have a great network of talented coaches that I met through my work with Tara.

Ted Whetstone
Breakthru Think

None of this would have happened without your coaching and guidance. THANK YOU

This evening I gave my signature talk, The 5 Challenges of Hi-Performing Women, to Mocha Moms, Int'l. After the talk, the national president immediately got me back on the line with me. She wanted to share about the impact of the talk. "We needed to hear this. So many women were positively impacted tonight. I can't thank you enough for the empowerment you gave us."

She went on to tell me her phone was "blowing up" during my talk. She fielded calls and text messages from members, national board members, chapter leaders--women reaching out to her from all over the country. Women finally feeling seen, heard, and understood. She told me some were even crying from the "truths they were confronted with and the hope they took to move forward."

She told me my research and work needs a "bigger platform" and that more women need to get the messages. She went on about bringing me back, having me out for the annual convention, and more.

All of that I share with you because none of this would have happened without your coaching and guidance through all those COI interviews, culling through the info, and distilling it all down into something impactful. THANK YOU 🙏🏽

I've continued to add to my research and refine solutions, but it's all built upon that early foundational work done together. Thank you, Tara!

Gigi Gibbs
Gigi Gibbs, MPH

Tara's support and resources were exhaustive and all-encompassing!

Before I started working with Tara I struggled with having clarity in my business. I was wasting time and energy trying to help everyone! I was serving three completely different audiences and this was affecting my ability to grow my business.

In working with Tara, I discovered how to build a business working with the one niche I'm most passionate about and one that is built on the foundation of what matters most to me. What I’ve learned about myself through my work with Tara has served as a key decision-making filter for all my life choices, in and outside of my business.

Through our work together, I finally knew what I really wanted. I built a streamlined approach in my business. Tara's resources really blew my mind. I got so much more than 1:1 coaching and a "program." The support and resources provided were exhaustive and all-encompassing, which was great for someone like me who was relatively new to coaching.

I’m thrilled that I now have a program and materials in place that powerfully serve my ideal clients. I have a complete webinar/signature talk that I've been able to market to my ideal clients as well as present to audiences at major corporations. Most of all, I have clarity and confidence about what to do in my business!

Tara has supported me and my business through all of life's demands: while pregnant, as I navigated family challenges, and over the course of the 2020 pandemic. Today I am grateful to have her as an ally and a friend.

Gigi Gibbs
Gigi Gibbs, MPH

I gained incredible amounts of clarity and now have a very powerful client process

Before working with Tara, I felt like I had a ton of ideas of what other people thought I SHOULD do but I struggled with knowing which were the right ideas for my business to give the highest experience for a client. I also wasn’t completely sure who my ideal clients really were - it was way too broad, which contributed to my challenges.  I knew I wanted a very powerful client process that felt intuitive to me & flowed. I was also looking to have more flexibility and kindness toward myself and feel confident about being able to create financial abundance.

After working with Tara, I gained incredible amounts of clarity around my processes with clients and who I could serve most powerfully.  I now have a very powerful client process and FRAMEWORKS to create new processes.

In working with Tara so much more kindness and flexibility were infused in my business.I discovered that I don’t want to run my coaching business at 40 hours a week, and that’s okay!! How she lives her life and runs her own business became a beautiful model for me that I hadn’t seen before! I’ve embraced the term EASEFUL and it has become foundational in how I operate in my business and my life, as well. I now have a mindset that my business is just one piece of how I create fulfillment & income.

Tara is a fantastic mentor coach who has guided me through many challenging client situations

Tara is a fantastic mentor coach who has guided me through many challenging client situations.  As a result, I feel more confident and well equipped to handle whatever comes up.  I've used Tara's thorough process with thought provoking exercises to figure out who my ideal clients are and learn how to attract them in an authentic way.  I also really appreciate her support in helping me re-brand my business including her connections to other professionals like web designers, logo designers and copy writers.  I am so grateful for our work together.  I've realized all the benefits I hoped to and more when I began this journey over a year ago.

Carol Pfeiffer
People Connect HR

With Tara you feel like you have a partner, someone who will be there through the difficult times and the celebrations

Finding the right coach can make all the difference. Instead of struggling, being alone and unsuccessful, you have a trusted business partner to connect and collaborate with to build a successful business. Tara Butler Floch is that trusted business partner for me. She has a unique combination of experience as a coach, paired with her background as a corporate VP of Sales and Marketing. She also has expertise and plenty of patience in copy editing which is extremely helpful in writing website copy, proposals, and marketing and training materials.

Even more important is her trustworthiness, collaboration and connection. With Tara you feel like you have a partner, someone who will be there through the difficult times and the celebrations. She is a necessary partner in my business and I would never have had the courage, tools or support without her. Without her, I’d still be sub-contracting work with other companies, too nervous to go out on my own. With Tara, I have been able to launch a business, create a process that had exciting work land in my lap, and find the work and clients I really want. Her mastermind group has also provided me with peers mostly in the same boat, willing to share resources, ideas and support, which adds to the three-dimensional level of support you get when Tara is your coach and mentor. If you’re considering working with her, just do it!  There are a lot of other unuseful coaches out there and she stands out high above the rest.

I am very happy because I now have the business framework to attract and serve the clients I want

Before working with Tara I had many individual clients, but I wasn’t able to help them build their teams and their organization the way I wanted to.  I struggled to identify my ideal clients, what their challenges and pain points are, and the unique services I could offer to assist them in achieving what they care most about. In working with Tara I discovered greater clarity in what energizes me the most in serving clients, and a set of processes that she guided me through to define and grow the business I want to have. I now have greater focus and energy in developing my business, serving the clients that are the best fit for me.

I knew I wanted to learn and grow in deeper partnership with my clients, generating a significant impact for them and myself.  And I am very happy because I now have the business framework coming together to attract and serve the clients I want to assist.

Tara is the best support partner I could wish for

When I decided to work with Tara I wanted to get clarity how to market my business and reach the women I really wanted to serve. I also felt totally overwhelmed by all the marketing advice out there and needed somebody to help me structure my approach, soothe my worries and show me a red thread of how to move forward so that I would stop trying to put the cart before the horse. Tara brought clarity and structure to my business and what I love even more is her personal support and encouragement to bring my creativity and passion forward into my coaching. I feel much stronger in my business and as a coach through her support. I am really glad to have found Tara, she is the best support partner I could wish for.

Tara has made a huge difference in my business. I am 180 degrees from where I started

Before I starting working with Tara, I was spinning my wheels, not sure how to build my coaching business. I knew I was a good coach and I knew how to market, from my career in that field. But, I didn't know which tools I needed to use or how to talk about myself as the product. I was also not "niched" down enough having three target markets, one of which I knew I didn't want to work with any more.

Through the work I did in Tara's program, I was able to pick one niche for my focus - Women Leaders who are looking to improve their effectiveness in male dominated environments. And through my research, it was clear what these clients needed to further their careers. So, I have created a comprehensive customized program to help women leaders master their current roles so they can reach the next level in their careers and make the most of their true talents.

Tara has made a huge difference in my business. I am 180 degrees from where I started and now have the confidence and a plan for where I am going. I have a marketing plan and have started to have some real success with it. I have learned so much about how to create a coaching business, the right way. My income is growing every month so I know I am on the right path. The beauty is that I didn't have to figure that out by trial and error because Tara has the knowledge of what works. I feel like I know what to do now and I am doing it!

I'm so grateful for Tara's mentorship and am glad I went with my gut to have her as my coach!

Through my work with Tara, I powerfully claimed being a Leadership Coach for Women of Color, and built the foundation of my business. As a newer coach, I knew I had the skills to reach mastery in my field, but needed help being an entrepreneur—I was pretty clueless!

Her program helped me clarify my ideal client, write my website copy and create an extensive market research study around their biggest challenges and needs. This enhanced my confidence that I know who I’m serving and provided external credibility with my market.

Tara also helped me build my 9-step coaching program! She encouraged me to stop charging per session at an extremely low rate (never again!) and start enrolling long term clients under 6-month and 10-month packages instead. I'm now gaining 4x more per client because I'm providing a stronger service and structure for my clients.

I'm so grateful for Tara's mentorship and am glad I went with my gut to have her as my coach! She guided me through the ups and downs of starting and growing my own coaching practice, and I can't imagine I'd have gotten as far as I have without her support.

Tara is an amazing coach! Her keen insights, support and “in the trenches” business experience is outstanding.

After interviewing four potential coaches, I chose Tara to be my business coach because of her experience, dedication to her clients and a no-nonsense approach to growing a new business. In working with her I discovered who my ideal client is and how to be more strategic in my outreach efforts to those clients. Tara helped me mastermind a project where I interviewed a group of Executive Directors and CEO’s of non-profit organizations to help me better understand their challenges and opportunities as leaders in their industry. This process helped me to customize my services to these leaders that are specifically related to their individual needs and become a lot more attractive to my ideal client. Tara is an amazing coach! Her keen insights, support and “in the trenches” business experience is outstanding. Tara is a consummate professional and has been instrumental in helping me build a successful, fun and meaningful coaching and consulting business. Thanks, Tara!

Chris Ranney
Ranney Coaching

I now have a full practice of Ideal Clients!

Before working with Tara I really struggled with identifying my ideal client and focusing on a specific niche… In working with her, I discovered the niche I want to focus on and how best to bring products and services to that niche… After working with her my coaching practice has increased by 30% and most importantly it has filled with “Ideal clients”. I am also more focused on what I offer and I am continuing to be creative with marketable coaching programs. I didn’t have that before.


Tara is an excellent mentor and coach and her advise has helped me have a full coaching practice and continue to increase my rates through better client services and focused offerings.

Ursula Pottinga
Profound Growth

All of a sudden it feels like I am magically attracting my ideal clients

I can honestly say that I would still be lost if I had not begun working with Tara. She has been the perfect mix of coach and consultant to extract what I wanted and provide me proven techniques to move toward my niche. I had been resistant to narrowing for many reasons – afraid of turning away business, I am drawn to many different things, I didn’t know how to figure it out –  to name a few. The materials Tara has created to guide solopreneurs broke me past my own blocks, and her nurturing guidance has pushed me through my fears toward the practice I have now.

Every time I stall she helps me look at it in a kind way, then helps me find the right activities to take the next step. All of a sudden it feels like I am magically attracting my ideal clients.  I am indebted to Tara’s wisdom, her fierce belief in me (even when I didn’t believe in myself) and her nurturing approach to helping me on my journey."

Tracey Lovejoy
Lovejoy Consulting

I went from 2 clients to a full coaching practice in 10 months!

I started working with Tara, when I started my own coaching company after moving to Calgary where I knew no one. I had 2 clients back home, but had to start everything from scratch in Calgary.

10 months later, I have a business full of clients and I am preparing to take my company online and expand outside the city I live in. Tara has been the biggest support and mentor in guiding me through the processes of starting a company and finding clients.

I especially appreciate that she has been down this path herself and tried and tested all kinds of methods to find the ones that really work. Tara’s guidance and encouragement have gotten me through the days where I have doubts about my business and myself. I have a more balanced life thanks to the help from Tara in getting my priorities in order and structure around achieving my goals."

Tara helped me to continue to move forward.. even in the most challenging times.

Diane Doolin

“Over the past year, Tara has been my biggest advocate, both business and personal. She continually surprised me with her depth of knowledge and broad range of business expertise and her ability to convey this in a way that helped me continue to move forward...even in the most challenging times. Not only was I able to clearly "re-define" my ideal clientele and update our teams suite of marketing pieces...I was able to identify an opportunity to become the Founding Director of a new firm that will perfectly support our existing Wealth Management practice going forward.”