The Four Quadrants of Keep vs. Delegate — 2 Comments

  1. Delegation is something that I am currently struggling with, mostly because it takes longer to tell someone how to do something than to do it myself.

    However, all of the tasks that I should be delegating actually fall into your “good at and enjoy” quadrant. That’s the downside to being fairly good at most things business related and actually liking them (all except accounting, at any rate).

    So, for me, I need to ask a different question: “Is this something that only I can do, or can I train someone else to do it?” Much of what I spend my time doing, other people could do (website updates, emails, graphic, etc)… they are what I call “lower level tasks.”

    Tasks that only I can do include creating new training programs, writing, networking, etc.. what I call, “higher level tasks.” And this is where I should be spending my time if I want to actually reach my goals with my business.

    • Hi Lesa

      I totally agree with your thoughts. If you want to grow your business past where it is, you now need to look at those “lower level tasks” and start to delegate those to free up your time to do “higher level tasks” that you also enjoy/are good at. A lot of entrepreneurs never take this leap because they are happy where they are and don’t feel driven to go to that next level. It is a personal choice. I would ask “would I enjoy my business and my life even more if I went to the next level?” As Jim Collins says, Good is the enemy of Great. I always encourage people to go for Great. If your business now feels Great, then the question is, would it feel Great-er if I went to the next level. The only right answer is what feels right to you! Thank-you for sharing and let me know your thoughts! Warmly, Tara

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